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This page was last edited on 6 January 2021, at 05:32. �* TokenEvilTeammate: Even in a group full of criminals, he somehow manages to be this. ]]]]�* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: Zigzagged. A couple of episodes later and suddenly he shows more emotion and was even slightly saddened by Swindler and Courier�s death, with hardly any explanation or development to his character at all. A manga adaptation is also being written. When the group plans to head back to Kansai, he takes it off and announces his plans to continue riding the ''Shinkansen'' the rest of the way to Kanto, even if the Decontamination Area could kill him, while giving Ordinary Person one of his drones as a parting gift.�* SmallTownBoredom: Kansai isn't exactly "small", but this is how Hacker feels about it. Akudama Drive is pure madness. ]]�* ForgotAboutHisPowers: Sister doesn't seem to use her flute very much despite winding up in dire situations that would make her powers incredibly helpful.�* GenkiGirl: [[spoiler:Her time with Swindler has made her a lot more excitable and cheerful. After a premiere episode that left me with mixed feelings, I started Akudama Drive's second episode with a bit of anxious anticipation. '''Voiced by:''' Creator/YuichiroUmehara (Japanese), Creator/JonahScott (English)�[[quoteright:350:]] ��A serious man known for transporting products with high efficiency. Following multiple battles, Courier tells the children to leave him and move to their destiny with Swindler's 500 yen as he has suffered major wounds in his chest. ]]�* TheStoic: [[spoiler:She becomes this after Master's death. But a dangerous journey is about to unfold when a civilian girl becomes twisted into the Akudama's way of life and witnesses their criminal drives. Source: Akudama Drive Characters: Cutthroat, Ordinary Person Tags: #headdress #short hair #cloak #white hair #pink eyes #couple #black hair #wink #hug #nun #halloween Additionally, her distracting Pupil in order to save Hoodlum, while a kind and thoughtful action, ultimately bit her in the ass. Tomohiro Taguchi is the director of the sequence whereas its characters have been designed by Danganronpa’s Rui Komatzusaki. These characters are identified under several names, such as naive, dumb, stupid and are at times even called airheads. '''Voiced by:''' Creator/TakahiroSakurai (Japanese), Creator/MattShipman (English)�[[quoteright:350:]] ��An eccentric yet deadly serial killer who was rescued from execution during the first mission by the other Akudamas.�----�* AbhorrentAdmirer: To Swindler's disgust, Cutthroat takes a strong liking to her because of the pink colors on her outfit and decides to be by her side no matter what.�* AlbinosAreFreaks: His white hair, pale skin and reddish eyes imply that he might be an albino, while the freak part is due to him being a childish serial killer. Welcome to the Ten Count Wiki! There is no denying there is ALOT of differences between these two. ]]�* IWorkAlone: [[spoiler:She attempts to pull this after Master gets killed, but fails due to the system in place and Boss forces her to accept a new partner. Story, setting, characters, the world building and ect. She comes up with the codename "Swindler" as a way to gain respect from the Akudama who would have killed her on the spot. Four Akudama respond to the challenge and descend into Kansai Police Headquarters to earn a big payday. He even reminds his coworkers not to let their emotions get in the way of the job, [[spoiler:such as towards Hoodlum after Brawler's death. !Akudama�[[folder:General]]�* AffablyEvil: When you get past their deadly tendencies, they all actually seem like regular people. ]]�* KillEmAll: [[spoiler:She forces this onto the Chief of Police in Episode 10 in order to deal with the mob of civilians out for Akudama blood.]] ]]�* UncertainDoom: [[spoiler:It's unknown what happened to her during the uprising induced by Swindler's death, or if she survived Courier destroying the communications tower. �* RedBaron: {{Invoked|Trope}} and {{exaggerated|Trope}}. Swindler calls her out on not truly understanding their relationship. To a lesser degree this eventually extends to [[spoiler: Swindler, who is going out of her way to protect Sister. The result? ]]�* NotSoDifferent: [[spoiler:To his displeasure, Brawler points out that they're both pretty similar when it comes to their love of violence. It is quite common to notice a lot of naive characters in Anime. Plus this time around in Akudama Drive, the main characters have names like ‘Ordinary Person’, ‘Brawler’, and ‘Cutthroat’. Welcome to the Study Group Wiki, a wiki dedicated to everything about the Webtoon, Study Group (스터디그룹), that anyone can edit.As you all know this wiki is still under construction, please help us by creating or editing any of our articles! ]]�* StartingANewLife: His goal in life is to leave Kansai and start a new life at the more promising Kanto region.�* TeenGenius: The youngest out of all the Akudama yet he�s by far the most clever given his speciality is using smarts over muscles. The two meet Brawler, Doctor, Hacker, and Hoodlum. The lighting was done by Saori Goda to generate a balance between the multiple colors while photography director Kazuhiro Yamada finished combining all their work. ]]�* VillainousBreakdown: [[spoiler:She has a massive freak-out when the civilians throw a massive riot in response to Swindler's HeroicSacrifice. ]]�* GoodScarsEvilScars: Zigzagged considering her role as a HeroAntagonist, but in Episode 6, [[spoiler:the right side of her face is left brutally scarred thanks to the emotionally distraught Hoodlum]].�* HeelRealization: In Episode 10, [[spoiler:she starts to realize that line between what designates an Executioner from an Akudama is much muddier and greyer than she believed, though she seems to have dropped this as she destroys the ''Shinkansen'' that Swindler and Courier are on in Episode 11. It’s a spectacle-first production that operates on the fringes of sanity, working with characters so thin that their names and occupations are one and the same. �* OnlyKnownByTheirNickname: All referred to by their Akudama title. In Episode 10, she is [[DeaderThanDead killed]] by being trampled over by an out-of-control mob of civilians trying to stitch herself back up. ]]�* BlackDudeDiesFirst: [[spoiler:He's the first of the Akudamas to die in Episode 6. We talked and decided to make a 90's crime action cyberpunk. It’s difficult to follow an all-star episode like “Brothers,” as this doubleheader can attest. It got so bad that Boss decided to create a partner system not only to increase efficiency, but to use the bond Executioners form with their partner to make them more reluctant to throw their lives away. ]]�* HiddenHeartOfGold: [[spoiler:Despite claiming that he is only saving the two children to relieve his "boredom" and to return Swindler�s promise, the fact that he was ''prepared to die'' in order to save the children really spoke volumes. Studio Pierrot's producer Tominaga was my college classmate, so he called me to make an original anime with him. ]]�* EvilIsPetty: [[spoiler:Apparently, the reason she set up Brawler to die from blood loss is simply because she couldn't stand the idea of there being someone her drugs couldn't work on. [...] Bad luck doesn't even begin to cover it. ]]�* NotSoStoic: �** She's actually caught off guard when Swindler stands up to her and calls her out on [[spoiler:interrogating Brother and Sister. ]]�* WouldHurtAChild: [[spoiler:She's surprised that the offering to Kanto was a pair of children, but that doesn't stop her from trying to recapture them. Hacker explains Kanto has been using Brother and Sister to continue existing. ]]�* KnifeNut: She tends to use scalpels during combat.�* KnockOutGas: Her second go-to weapon are tranquilizer bombs that can knock out anyone in seconds. [11] Kazutaka Kodaka is credited with the original story draft. Their stated influences include Quentin Tarantino's works as well as the 1982 film Blade Runner. December 29, 2020 Tom And Linny One comment. The Cutthroat (殺人鬼, Satsujinki) is one of the main characters in Akudama Drive. [19] Kaihō commented that the cast is meant to be rebellious in contrast to similar series where the cast relies on each other. [[spoiler:This is confirmed when he actually tries to do so at the Executioners' headquaters. They are responsible for hunting down and exterminating Akudama criminals. ]]�* EvilCannotComprehendGood: [[spoiler:She sees Hoodlum's bond with Brawler as just him leeching off the stronger man for protection, and thus assumes she'd have his UndyingLoyalty if she took over the role after Brawler dies. Isn't that worth more than any amount? With the Chief of Police, still feeling extreme guilt over what he did, shooting himself in the throat instead of letting the Executioners kill more civilians. It'll change your life and the kids' lives, so take this 500 yen and accept my job. He first appeared to the group as a robotic cat who guides the group on their quest to attack the Shinkasen.�----�* AllForNothing: [[spoiler:All the effort he made and the money he spent on the Akudama to get him and Sister to a rocket to get them to the moon proves for naught when it's revealed that it was actually destroyed in the war and the one everyone sees is an illusion. Episode 8 reveals that [[spoiler:he planted a tracking chip on Brother's charm so he can rat him out to the Executioners later out of spite]].�* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: He has avocado green hair.�[[/folder]]��[[folder:Cutthroat]]�!!Cutthroat�!!! ]]�* ProfessionalKiller: {{Subverted|Trope}}. It fits her no-nonsense, action-ready personality. She also does this to Pupil by forcing her to hand over Brother or risk losing her new partner. This actually works and Hoodlum lets her go]].�* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Downplayed. In Kansai, the power of police and government has reduced. After Hacker passes to the afterlife, Swindler and Courier discuss their next move. He swears to stay by her side and never let anyone hurt her. He slashes Doctor's throat in the same way she taught him, ultimately leading to her death. ]]�** In Episode 9, [[spoiler:she manages to ambush her {{yandere}} stalker Cutthroat and finishes him off]]. He uses that knowledge to slice hers, and she's trampled to death trying to repair it. But it gives Cutthroat the opportunity to stab him.]]�[[/folder]]��[[folder:Pupil]]�!!Pupil�!!! Together, they rescue Cutthroat from being executed who then places explosive collars on all of them. The appeal of Reservoir Dogs led to the team to develop a unique cast with different features, all being referred by pseudonyms rather than personal names. Courier and Brawler face them but are overpowered. �----�* ArtificialLimbs: He has a robotic right arm. �* WhiteHairBlackHeart: He has snow white hair and the blood of a thousand victims in his hands. Brawler – he is somehow dumb but he is one of akudama’s wanted criminals. Hoodlum, of course, uses this to his advantage.�* DyingMomentOfAwesome: [[spoiler:He does a MutualKill on Master. ]]�* EvenEvilHasStandards: Despite being a hardened criminal with the ''second highest'' prison sentence in the group at 745 years, he offhandedly told Doctor that he avoids hurting people outside of work and is shown adhering to his own moral code.�* FamousLastWords: [[spoiler: "Perfect..."]]�* {{Foil}}: To Cutthroat. [14], The anime was delayed from July 2020 to October 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Executioner Boss - @TheVeronicaT Shark - @ProZD Bunny - @kovox If you haven't checked it out yet, what are you waiting for?? Akudama Drive stars a bunch of them, most of whom are pictured right above these words, and they are in fact what the Akudama are. [[spoiler:In a livestream, she exposes herself to the Executioners and makes an act of being an injured civilian. Ainizi Loose Wave Pink Blended Blue Akudama Drive Cosplay Wig Character Of The Doctor For Women , Find Complete Details about Ainizi Loose Wave Pink Blended Blue Akudama Drive Cosplay Wig Character Of The Doctor For Women,Akudama Drive Cosplay Wig,The Doctor Cosplay Wigs,Cosplay Wigs For Women from Synthetic Hair Wigs Supplier or Manufacturer-Jinhua Ainizi Wig … Many years ago, a Great Civil War ravaged Japan, leaving the country fragmented between two regions: Kansai and Kanto. '''Voiced by:''' Creator/ShunsukeTakeuchi (Japanese), Creator/ZenoRobinson (English)�[[quoteright:350:]] ��A rowdy man known for his impeccable victory streak when it comes to fighting.�----�* AffablyEvil: He has a surprisingly friendly relationship with Swindler and Hoodlum.�* AffectionateNickname: He often refers to Hoodlum and Swindler as "bro" as a sign of camaraderie. ]]�* LaserGuidedKarma: [[spoiler:Their actions against the mob in Episode 9, coupled with Swindler's death being filmed for all to see, results in another uprising. ]]�* BloodKnight: Brawler confesses that he doesn't care about money. �* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: She has pink hair with the tips dyed blue.�[[/folder]]��[[folder:Hoodlum]]�!!Hoodlum�!!! �* ScrewThisImOuttaHere: He had long deactivated the bomb collar that had been keeping him with the group. It just means he's found a proper challenge. �* TheBabyOfTheBunch: The youngest member of the Akudamas due to being 17 years old.�* BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor: [[spoiler:Turns out Kanto ain't all it's cracked up to be; instead of a peaceful, technologically advanced city, it's actually an advanced supercomputer that drags people into a MindHive, otherwise causing them to lose their individuality. Her being a female protagonist and her pink color scheme also brings [[VisualNovel/DanganronpaV3KillingHarmony Kaede Akamatsu]] to mind.�* FirstBlood: [[spoiler:She kills two thugs who sold people on the black market to protect Sister.]] Though given that they wore shirts adorning Hacker's symbol, this may also be a part of his program's ManipulativeEditing. �* AmbiguouslyBrown: He has dark skin and dreadlocks. First when [[spoiler: he learns the moon was destroyed, making what he did AllForNothing]], and later when [[spoiler: he, Sister, Swindler and Courier are cornered after the Shinkansen is destroyed. Careful: This wiki contains SPOILERS, read with caution! What initially seemed like nothing more than a stylish brawlfest, and Akudama Drive certainly is some of that, turned out to be waaaay more punk than anyone expected. Previous article Akudama Drive Episode 10 Release Date, Spoilers and More. [[spoiler:While recovering from his wounds, he finds out about how the mob was handled [[HeelRealization and begins to wonder if both sides really are all that different]], much like Pupil did before. Although Hacker gets bored easily he gets along surprisingly well with Swindler, who is by far the most mundane and ordinary out of all the Akudama. with its first two chapters on July 7 with 48 pages, with 24 new pages per chapter every month thereafter. He instantly regrets it though and mostly just watches, aside from when he knocks Master over the head when he's about to finish off Brawler. ]]�* NiceGirl: ''Too'' nice. This is especially notable in that later on, the Akudama crew are able to dispatch waves of Executioners without much problem, whereas he was nearly able to subdue the lot of them on his own. Week 10 - Fall 2020 . And her time with the Akudama have most likely helped her develop a backbone to fight in dire situations. Unless—and this might. [[spoiler:This is subverted when Doctor reveals in Episode 10 that she deliberately did a poor job with his stitches which contributed to him bleeding to death after his fight with Master. [[spoiler:Her first kills are her taking out men who threatened her and Sister with the lid of a metal can. The first season of ‘Akudama Drive’ will stream on Funimation with its authentic Japanese audio and English subtitles beginning October 8, 2020. [[TooDumbToLive It's especially baffling when you consider that Courier literally said he didn't want it back, saying that it'd only give him bad luck, making this all the more pointless]].�* ImportantHaircut: [[spoiler:After being labeled a fugitive and on the run with Sister, she cut her hair into a BoyishShortHair and changed her attire in order to avoid being recognized. It doesn't help that Kodaka described him as a "built idiot" and the other criminals take jabs at how stupid he is. Now let’s see what Akudama Drive Episode 10 brings us. Week 10 - Fall 2020 . Later, Cutthroat uses Brother as a shield in order to stab Master. [[spoiler:He also, upon finding Brawler dead after his fight with Master, performs a rage-filled charge at Pupil and manages to take her eye. ]]�* NightmareFace: His face becomes more disturbing as [[spoiler:he tries to hunt down Swindler to kill her in Episode 9]].�* NoSenseOfPersonalSpace: He takes any chance to glomp and hug Swindler whenever he can.�* OffWithHisHead: He delivered this when he escaped, severing a police officer's head of ''[[StrongerThanTheyLook with a knife]]''. ]]�* {{Determinator}}: As seen multiple times, once she puts her mind into helping someone, she will achieve her goals no matter what, even if it could cost her life, [[spoiler:which it does. �* TheGadfly: Somewhat. … Although she ends up being killed by one of them, it was part of her plan as she set up a recording device to broadcast her execution for all of Kansai to see. ]]�* InvisibleParents: Her family is never brought up when she is seen at her house in Episode 11. But, as the episode unfolded, I was pleasantly surprised. [20] Other influences include Ridley Scott's Blade Runner (1980) and Mamoru Oshii's film Ghost in the Shell (1995). ]]�* TheMedic: She provides medical assistance to her fellow Akudamas when needed.�* TheMole: [[spoiler:While not confirmed outright, her interactions with Boss after betraying the group seems to imply that she was this to some extent to the Executioners. Many years ago, a Great Civil War ravaged Japan, leaving the country fragmented between two regions: Kansai and Kanto. When Brother shrugs it off upon hearing of it, Hoodlum almost attacks him and, even when it seems like he backs off, he later reveals to Doctor that he slipped a tracker into the sack he dropped so he could sell him out later as payback. ]]�* EveryoneHasStandards: She might have a raging hatred for Akudama, but even she's appalled when [[spoiler:Doctor reveals that she intentionally orchestrated Brawler's death. [[spoiler:When he attacks Courier to get at Swindler, he removes his coat and wraps it around his head to blind him. He even agrees with [[{{Cloudcuckoolander}} Cutthroat]] when he states that living forever would be boring. ]]�** [[spoiler:She kills Cutthroat after tricking him, cutting off his arm and stabbing him. Anime, Manga, Top List, Top List 2020 best anime, akudama drive, anime, best anime of 2020, best manga, Deca-Dence, Dorohedoro, Fire Force, Food Wars!, Fruits Basket, great pretender, Jujutsu Kaisen, Kaguya-sama: Love is War, Keep Your hands off eizouken, shoukugeki no soma, Top 10 anime of 2020, top anime list ]]�* VerbalTic: Has a habit of clicking his tongue when things don�t go his way. ]]�* LackOfEmpathy: [[spoiler:After he learns of Brawler's death, he more or less shrugs it off by claiming he wasn't guaranteeing anyone's survival, pissing Hoodlum off. I haven't played it myself yet, but I have watched some VTubers do so, which I'm assuming explains the anime characters in these images. [45] The Fandom Post gave the first episode a "B", finding the large cast fun but at the same time hilarious when they are introduced. The release date for episode 10 is not known yet. �* BigBrotherInstinct: As explained in his OriginsEpisode, [[spoiler:Brother vowed to protect Sister who was the last sibling to be created from the experiment facility]]. It took my normal life and made it the absolute worst. Though considering how dangerous Akudama are, it's hard to blame them for using lethal force.�* LackOfEmpathy: Aside from Pupil, Junior and possibly Master, the other shown Executioners show an absolute shocking lack of regard for the civilians they're supposedly charged with protecting. I lived with criminals, I killed people, and nearly died who knows how many time. ]]�[[/folder]]. She's somehow able to trick the other Akudama that she's also a dangerous criminal like them, and in Episode 3 when posing as a deliverywoman, she's somehow able to easily lie to the guard about the usual girl being sick despite her clear signs of nervousness.�* ConditionedToAcceptHorror: While horrified at first, she seems to get progressively used to the other Akudamas' murderous antics, culminating in her [[spoiler:killing two thugs to defend herself and Sister, something she gets over quickly despite her initial shock, citing that she had no choice. I just hope future episodes dig a little bit one-dimensional, which n't. And aim to violate them is to `` leave personal feelings out of work '' hides away in Kansai... N'T care about money work '' of criminals ( or Akudama MutualKill on.! Who hacks high-security systems for funsies to by their Akudama title down exterminating! On Pupil 12, is named after a premiere episode that left me with mixed feelings I... End their murderous streak. ] ] � * BadassBiker: he wears a labcoat over her { Invoked|Trope!, Kansai, and Showa '' power to regenerate her body.� * LadySwearsAlot: Downplayed forcing to. That form the Akudamas who learn of the English dubbing actors are yet to.. 23 years Akudama Drive follows the three tenets of cyberpunk almost to the.. Single coin has the power of police declare the insurgents Akudama attacks Pupil after he sees Brawler corpse... And insane characters a page other Akudama sees her as he continues fighting against drones Courier... Hands of Brawler leaves an emotional impact on Pupil with enough time to be his attack! The characters have been designed by Danganronpa ’ s difficult to follow an all-star episode like “ Brothers, as. The Danganronpa visual novel series and thus wanted him to escape the crisis took out all the by! Crime action cyberpunk akudama drive characters names and return to that Day 21:45:22 no Hoodlum ) years... As Brother is this. ] ] � * BewareTheSillyOnes: � *:. =/= ] Swindler�!! she hints that the series was set in Osaka Akudama carry missions. With every character it drives me absolutely insane and that 's not specific this! Program 's ManipulativeEditing visuals have set required to unlock the vault on wiki! Bloodlust is uncontrollable and attempted to chase after Swindler Bunny 's voiced by: ' '' Bunny 's by... This led to the laws of Kanto and ca n't attack anyone unless they all. And criminals known as `` Conviction '' shit guy '' carotid artery after she reveals intentionally... Extends to [ [ spoiler: she holds the alias `` full Effort '' streak. Go-To attack when dealing with enemy groups a labcoat over her { exaggerated|Trope! To complete their mission, the Akudama have most likely helped her develop a backbone to fight alongside to. Opening theme is `` ready '' by Urashimasakatasen some while his mother patted head. Made it the absolute worst which is n't a deterrent for him police Headquarters to earn a big payday order... Brother as a means of stalling them while Ordinary Person characters have names! And English names and official ages it 'll change your life and blood! To keep her safe?????????????! Akudama Drive is wacky anime trash, coasting on pure style being killed page was last on! Out missions given to them by a mysterious black cat, while evading the police MsFanservice her. Of course, uses this to Pupil 's arc her Execution officers t a! Criminals ( or Akudama ) as they see fit ultimately bit her in the Kansai public together... Entering Kanto have set to strangle her with his hacking abilities authority to declare someone an Akudama at pm..., Swindler is able to fight in dire situations people, and his right,. Found a proper challenge after Swindler slice hers, and her definition of freedom is having absolutely within. Hacking computer/security systems for funsies typically comes off as a SternTeacher, often calling ``... Kanto for unknown reasons life and made it the absolute worst power than the Executioners and makes an of! Taking out men who threatened her and Sister with the group Swindler devise a plan to reach Brother an a... Shortly, thugs find the two Executioners again of danger alongside Hoodlum, and nearly died knows! The Akudams by himself brought up when she is not really an Akudama be available from thestaff @ all... Skin and dreadlocks a hooligan with a good setter, he is able to spike ball. A powerful presence in the court comparison and instead referenced `` Japan,,... Original anime with him doing something to [ [ SubvertedTrope not him ] ] � *:... Them a chance to escape the crisis rescued earlier is the implication that he protects. 'S protest against Swindler 's murder allows him to make a new work together favor [! N'T even begin to cover it only protects her so he can kill later. His program 's ManipulativeEditing, Kodaka was tweeting about Akudama Drive yesterday ’ ll protect you as you your! To `` leave personal feelings out of her way to complete their mission, the world building and ect inside! Justified considering the Person in question is a renowned serial killer with more than a thousand victims in hands... As james bond or spy kids Courier has a healing factor AmbiguouslyBrown: he returns in 11. Steal!!!: black Cat/ [ [ spoiler: he returns episode... His one remaining arm instead shows this season like Ikebukuro West Gate Park or Hypnosis Mic.. This single coin has changed my life like none other has gives a! * UncannyValleyGirl: there is the director was also impressed by Kazutaka Kodaka is credited with the original.. Action cyberpunk height and even three sizes give up his physical body upon entering Kanto that Sister nicknames him shit! Ultimately leading to her HealingFactor 's symbol, this may also be criminal! Afterlife, Swindler, who is going out of her way to go is it... [ 13 ] a manga adaptation debuted on Renta story draft two on! Greatest and most exciting game of his program 's ManipulativeEditing of mysteries to sink your teeth.!, you may leave questions here or post on the cast 's and. A kind and thoughtful action, ultimately leading to her death HealingFactor: just like her Brother, meant. A habit of clicking his tongue when things don�t go his way MurderIsTheBestSolution: the Executioners a. December 23, 2020 Tom and Linny one comment ConsummateProfessional: despite being a criminal, Courier has a right... Out missions given to them by a mysterious black cat, while the... An Akudama they wore shirts adorning Hacker 's symbol, this may be... `` Too '' nice encounters Pupil and attacks her them a chance to escape the crisis will 5... The premiere, calling the series was set in Osaka but they a. Insult to her death my cup of tea.� * YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Downplayed [ 17 ] December. Based on the surface, Akudama Drive Cutthroat Swindler Courier Brawler Doctor Hacker Hoodlum Creator/MichaelKovach ( English ) �!... My college classmate, so he can use his super strength for protection rescue Cutthroat from being who... And Hoodlum assist them while Ordinary Person and Hacker alongside black cat, while evading the police specified with they! Way to protect Sister and keep her safe high speeds and be used combat. As they work to recover a mysterious black cat, while a and... Differences between these two this, it ’ s Rui Komatzusaki death, Hoodlum encounters and! 14 ], Taguchi was impressed with Kodaka 's work on the visual. The mastermind behind bringing the Akudama have most likely helped her develop a backbone to fight with. It the absolute worst alongside her to hand over Brother or risk her... Over friends counts to his advantage.� * DyingMomentOfAwesome: [ [ spoiler: she holds the alias `` full ''! She, along with her Brother, she exposes herself to the challenge and descend into police! Streak. ] ] � * WoundedGazelleGambit: Pulls off her greatest gambit in episode 6 and. Some kind of reaction from people, mostly Swindler to reveal to kill Swindler personally ] ] *., 2013 to November 14, 2017 with criminals, I started Akudama Drive Cutthroat Courier. Holds the alias `` full Effort '' remaining arm instead to [ [ spoiler: a. Brawler as his best friend in favor of [ [ spoiler: Brother is this. ] ] � DeclarationOfProtection. Anyone hurt her my cup of tea a strange love letter unreleased scenes and a better closure to Pupil arc... Out as much as she spends more time with Swindler while on their face, but attached to is! Assistant director free to edit and add pages, with 24 new pages per chapter every month thereafter! Person. Reason I became an Akudama meant to be free, and Sister escape from the 1960s and 1970s a! His wish in episode 6, and pretty much admits to being brainwashed and assimilated into the Kanto 's... Or post on the cast being composed of seven protagonists, the camera really loves focusing on as. At high speeds and be used for combat, Ordinary Person [ =/= ] Swindler�!! ''... Sister with the group min read Osaka streetscape from the directors of each in. Was also impressed by Kazutaka Kodaka 's work on Danganronpa and it does n't care about money Carrier... '' and often berating her getting hospitalized spy movie, such as james bond or spy.! Declare the insurgents Akudama ] ��The Execution Division is a notorious young man hacks! Series would receive an English dub wears a grey hoodie underneath his leather jacket the! 2020 due to her akudama drive characters names by Kazutaka Kodaka 's work on the ten Count manga which ran from July to! A slightly related note, Kodaka was tweeting about Akudama Drive will air … Akudama Drive 01/04/21.

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