usps says delivered front door but no package

I'm putting it here in the midst of my Classic Movie articles because despite all of the information I try to give you in that regard this is primarily an ecommerce site and I always ship via USPS. The ordeal was a complete pain. Am the ebay seller) that showed item was Delivered but buyer contacted me letting me know they hadn’t received the package. Yes very frustrating I was waiting for my package and didn’t receive it. It’s always a good idea to check no matter what. Makes me believe that not only is the “Delivered” portion incorrect, but the “Out for delivery” (and maybe even more steps before it) is off, as well. Now I've never worked for nor seen the inside track of any package on a UPS or USPS route so please keep in my mind that what follows is my assumption, but one I feel pretty sure about. Was it an eBay or PayPal transaction? So you should notify them that you didn’t receive the package. Even though I selected UPS, the final delivery was made by USPS u.u. I called amazon. There are only 1,400 people in our town and we live 4 minutes from the post office. I’ve dealt with this twice this year so far. That whatever is happening to my orders, I’m not the only one. Tracking says they were delivered. Not one. Full review. So I tracked it down and it said that it was delivered. It was then out for delivery today and mail usually comes around 5 Pm but it says " We attempted to deliver your package at 3:19 pm on December 11, 2018 in ** but could not access the delivery location. So right now I’m basically stranded with no parcel, no ETA, and living on a shred of hope that my CGW dashboard will miraculously show that my parcel has appeared. Had to track the carrier down and tell him that I never got my package. If I can’t get a proof of the book, I can’t say it’s ready for publication. I don't know what's going on, and i can't request a claim because UPS says it has to be 24+. This page was a relief to me, because yesterday I received the notification that USPS had delivered my package at 3 pm, yet when I got home, there was no package in my mailbox, in the package room of my building, or in front of my door. Explain to that individual that you’re dealing with a USPS missing package that says delivered on the tracking information and that you’d like to be updated about what to do next. THEN I got my hopes up for Saturday, knowing that what you wrote is 100% accurate. Thanks a lot!! I’m an author and waiting impatiently for my final proof of my next novel so that I can get it ready for a book release in a week and a half. This just happened to me today, March 2016, so it’s safe to say that the USPS isn’t getting any better. If they’re checks i usually just take to company and drop off. I’ve had a parcel marked as delivered about three days back but nothing has been received. While I was actually aided by the incorrect Delivery information the USPS gave in these two recent examples, it's not a good sign that the only reason I knew what was going on was because I was so sure of their incompetence*. Last update my tracker showed item was delivered to zip 97230 and I have no idea why as my CGW zip is 97252 – can someone enlighten me? I just hope it’s not in the wrong mailbox. I’m not sure why it’s being scanned so often and when its going to be delivered:(, Bought an item online and it’s shipped by USPS. Deputy Editor June 21, 2020. My seller is careless. ups is pretty good, as long as you use my ups to make sure they know not to leave the package on the ground. I have 3 packages -‘delivery confirmed’ today and nothing to show for it (from 2 separate merchants). They just leave shit at your door and don’t bother knocking or ringing the bell. At first, it said was delivered, but would be delivered a day to 3 later. The few times that I've seen any further update prior to actual delivery have only been when there are problems with the delivery: for instance it reaches the buyer's home town post office and then no further information is posted for a week as the package is trapped in some sort of postal purgatory. Friend takes the day off and finally grabs carrier as they pull in and the carrier realizes not only did she not put in a key but she put it in the next set of cluster boxes over. So I also work for a subscription service that mails hundreds of packages every week. I’m in the same boat as many of those before me; recently I ordered two items line, two separate orders/websites/time frames. USPS made the home delivery according to the tracking information. 7 years without improvement. I live on a foreign compound so sometimes it will be left at the main office but it wasn’t there either. I can’t do anything about it either because the packages were uninsured. Then told to wait a week later incase it was redelivered. 100% of the time its with a neighbor or other household member or at the post office being held for pickup. Affiliate Disclosure. A Registered parcel delivery failure posted on my front door when we were home to receive it. Mark the package as delivered even though he hasn’t done so yet? Lastly, sometimes mail just gets left inside of the delivery vehicles for any different number of reasons. Either it’s not really there yet, it’s in a locker with no key given or someone else got it. I said no that wasn’t it. 4 times this month a package was deemed delivered by the USPS, first one never came and seller sent me a new item (which came), second one Amazon refunded my money, 3 and 4th yet to arrive. im having this issue right now, and its being caused by the delivery man scanning the packages as he loads up the truck. Sellers if you experience a false Delivery Confirmation please feel free to send your buyer here to read about what likely happened--it might help calm things down and I do like the traffic to my site. The tracking number for the package or parcel that is missing, as well as any additional barcodes that can include insurance details, The type of mail service that was taken advantage of (, And details regarding where the missing mail should be sent if it is recovered. now I’m waiting for the mail man to show up they either come around 10:30 or 3:00pm i hope he has my package and he marked by accident !!! Through my experience, I’ve had to wait 2+ days more often than 1 day after the USPS has claimed it was delivered. I’m supossed to receive a package today. What’s funny – and by “funny,” I mean infuriating – is that we’re all replying to a post written in 2011. With a package of that value be sure to look for a slip noting an attempted delivery in case your seller insured the package and it needs to be signed for–if you’re at work or not home the mail carrier will leave the slip instead and you can either arrange for re-delivery or pick it up in person at the local mail facility. i am paying them to deliver stuff, not to make me go and pick it up from them when i am waiting for it. Out of curiosity, did the item(s) arrive the following day? Very disappointing though, because then I had to wait through all of Sunday and most of Monday, for this item I desperately wanted and had gotten my hopes up for Friday (“out for delivery” text, followed a few hours later by the “it’s in your mailbox! USPS confirmation is definitely getting worse. In an effort to either shut me up or get rid of me, eBay offered to give me coupons. My employer over-nighted me a check. For starters, if you are dealing with a USPS says delivered in mailbox but no package is physically their situation you’re going to want to do a couple of things before reaching out to the post office themselves. Misery loves company so here I am…. or The 1st time, after waiting a couple weeks, got a full refund from buyer. This is a perfect example of why their bad reputation lives on. Problem is, you can’t look up the number anywhere. I am currently a frustrated buyer waiting for my package that has supposedly been “delivered.” I feel a bit at ease now, thank you…. The buyer can receive the package and sometimes the P.O never updates it for whatever reason. Which, is not cool. I really don’t know what to think. However, it is not there not on any of my neighbors who are out of town. Housemate had 4 packages also delivered same day, but by fedex (no signature required) … nowhere to be found. The USPS is an abbreviation for the United States Postal Services which is a vast group of members contributing towards the development of the nation. OK I was waiting for my package which was supposed to be delivered today and nothing so I tracked it down and it shows delivered on my porch. This time I needed this product immediately and for it not to arrived pissed me off. One other common Delivery Confirmation complaint which is not the specific problem I'm working up to, but is a symptom of that problem, is the fact that information on the Delivery Confirmation web pages is generally not updated until after the package is delivered. Assure the customer you’re on it: “Let me see what I can do to help.” 3. That’s crazy! I have a package coming tmrw and I wanted to find out if I could get an expected delivery time? So, it’s true, I think, that USPS scans items before they are physically delivered. After all, the packages are being scanned, I'm just asking the proper information actually be relayed along the way. A final unrelated word. Since the original post in 2011 nothing has changed with the USPS. Read through the article below for some tips on how to safely place your items in your package and ship with USPS and other carriers. Same thing happened here, two days ago, still no package, handmade goods and expensive. Inexplicable and infuriating. I agree, that’s not the problem–you name the problem, which was why I posted this originally–when I was having this problem, it drove me crazy for the exact reasons that you mention! I contacted the seller, and he said he would contact Paypal. I’m not rich and can’t afford to lose 100 bucks so believe me, I plan to light USPS up by phone, email, social media etc. After getting the number for your local post office you want to place a call just as soon as possible and speak to the head postmaster or the manager that is on duty at that particular point in time. I later noticed she marked it as “delivered” to my box. But I will do what needs to be done to make sure the buyer isn’t at a loss and leaves a negative feedback due to frustration from the lost package. . The mail lady I know her, she’s a nice older woman who does misplace mail and i usually have to place back in the mailbox. I never had a problem with it until a few months ago, when packages started being marked as “Delivered” and yet there was nothing on my doorstep. If everybody delivered the mail one day they wouldn’t bitch. That’s ridiculous I could have keep my money and just waited the normal wait time. Mark, glad you found this helpful–I do hope the package arrived though! They are my top shopping destination for personal goods (as opposed to collectible-type items). I was told to ask coworkers? I had a new iPhone delivered to me earlier this year that said delivery confirmed, but it wasn’t there. I ask them to describe the door and their description was wrong. My specific problem though, and again, I've had this happen twice in the past several weeks is when Delivery Confirmation states DELIVERED and correctly lists the buyer's home town, state and zip with a time of delivery. I was sleeping in pretty late but my dad was awake when my package was “delivered” Guess what, You guessed it! What is ridiculous is that they’ll mark it as delivered, and you won’t see it for several days. Freddie Bartholomew: Part 3 – Final Movies, War, Post-Hollywood Life and Career. Plenty of people report that they didn’t receive package from USPS when they were told that it was delivered, that they are dealing with a USPS package never arrived situation, and that the post office lost packages that they either sent out to someone else or that they were expecting each and every day. It is frustrating for me and totally unfair to the sellers because they lose money if they have to refund or replace the item. no one knows! No one has seen it! View Links to Other Classic Movie & Collectible Sites, Freddie Bartholomew Complete Biography of the 1930’s MGM Child Star, Ten Cents a Dance (1931) Starring Barbara Stanwyck, Current Immortal Ephemera eBay Sales Listings. I went to our local post office and gave them the tracking numbers but they never got back to me. One word: QUOTAS. Are you kidding me? Thanks! I would be very grateful for any advice that could be useful in ending this nightmare. If USPS determines the package was delivered, you’ll have to treat it as a stolen package. And while the ability to track packages and envelopes today is far more advanced (and far more accurate) than ever before, the truth of the matter is the tracking details we receive from the United States Postal Service is not always “tuned in”. I was only able to decipher the code because I knew the service is broken! Step 1: Do your job better. If I do a charge back on my credit card PayPal will put me in a negative balance. We have now been stalking and looking for the mail carrier for the past 2 hours. Anyone know if i’ll receive my package!? Today it was delivered, the day after I got my delivery confirmation. Thanks for posting this article. If you are dealing with a USPS since delivered in mailbox but no package was actually delivered situation that you did purchase insurance on, you’ll want to file a claim just as soon possible. Filed Under: News - Notes Tagged With: Delivery Confirmation, ecommerce, online shopping, shipping, shopping, USPS. Thought it might come today, but didn’t come yet. And I would be wary. I had no idea what to do. Concerning your main argument, with which I completely agree, perhaps that is why it is much cheaper than the other carriers and note that they call it “delivery confirmation” as opposed to “tracking” like the other guys. I contacted the seller, Fed Ex, PayPal, and the USPS with no results. Hey USPS: i realize your service is dirt cheap and don’t expect perfection, but I it would be nice if you could just not pre-scan things. I would recommend that you contact your local Post Office and give them the tracking number and ask them to look up the delivery location for the item. I told her it was no problem and wished her a good day. I checked the front porch and the mailbox (live in a townhouse community) no package. if this is happening to you walk into a post office and file a “formal complaint” and make sure they fill out the form. Went to the post office to no avail. Nowadays most of my delivery problems come from European customs offices, so I’m mostly satisfied with USPS itself. Got delivery confirmation at front door on Tuesday 5:45pm but my receiver saw nothing and still today(1week?). I just pray the mail lady didn’t give it to someone else. I hope your packages finally arrived! The we file a complaint the worse it gets. I am currently working with USPS for the same reason. They are horrendous. I just never got the package, which means it was either stolen or delivered to the wrong address. Wow not much has changed since this story was posted. But, seriously? Have the mail-person re-trace their steps and knock on neighbor’s door if they must, perhaps it’s still sitting outside. You may be dealing with a situation that isn’t so much that the USPS lost package and mail pieces you were expecting but that they are simply going through the circular delivery process and being returned back to the sender for more accurate delivery details. Happened to today with a package showing shipped (at my office). Same here, EAD card from DHS appears as “Delivered, to agent” almost 20 days ago. Jessica, I hope you called your main post office and spoke to the supervisor. Makes no sense to me… Why not leave my packages?! Just wondering if someone is cheating to show that they are delivering within the priority mail time frame. what do i do now? They have a tendency to deliver stuff to the neighbors here but I checked and nothing there either. I met my USPS delivery person when they arrived and they did not have the box, I even watched as she searched her car trunk. If my buyer's mail carrier has a heavy load that day it might not be delivered. Sorry you’re still running into this problem, MvR. Amazon website and USPS website say that the package was delivered, but there is nothing on my doorstep. The USPS will then independently and provide you with a decision on your situation within 5 to 10 days. Online said package delivered yesterday, package shows up at noon today. I hate to think they were convinced I conned them. James L. Neibaur of calls it: "One of the most interesting and important film books of the young year," adding, "the documentation is original and significant." Some might even be able to reach out to the mail carrier directly while putting you on hold, helping to eliminate a bit of the phone tag situations that can pop up when you’re dealing with USPS lost package issues. A few minutes later he came to my front door with the package telling me he accidentally put it in Apt 1’s mailbox instead of mine (Apt 11) even though our names couldn’t be more different. I have that issue going on now I ordered something up to $84 tracking my package and it said ot was delivered but i havent reveived my package at all it passed the due date and i dont know where it is and will they still deliver it , I don’t have my package yet and it said it’s delivered so I was wondering do they know that I don’t have it. I went from apartment to apartment to check if any of those packages were mind. I checked online and it was marked as delivered, so I went down to get it and there was no package. She said she would speak with the Carrier and call me back Wednesday April 4. available in paperback or Kindle edition at Having the same crap with USPS. At this point I am done with eBay as no one uses Ups or FedEx there. Hello, USPS says my package was delivered, but nothing was in my mail box and I do not have a PO box. Hopefully I’ll get some answers on where the hell my package is and why it isn’t in my possession. I worried that it was miss delivered to a neighbor. Same thing happened to me yesterday, bought some items from a forum I frequent and USPS website and automated phone line both say it was delivered, well we checked the mail about 10 mins after and yeah we have mail but no package. I can’t disagree with much of what you say, though I will say that I’m impressed with their rate of overall package delivery. Had to wait till next day to receive the package. Does anyone know why my package to New Zealand had ‘arrived at post office’ 6 times at different times in the past 3 days?? They all had their package in front of their door. I received an item from another seller on the same order on the same day USPS says they delivered the ... but I kept the tracking number which showed the package was delivered back to the sellers front door. As we highlighted above, more than 182 million pieces of First Class mail are processed and delivered by the United States Postal Service each and every single day. Ok fine, absolutely 100% it will arrive Monday. Of course, I’m hoping my parcel does actually show up. Note each possibility and how the customer can help (see below). $150 item:( I suspect he was rushing due to the below zero temps here and dropped it at the wrong house!? If the United States Postal Service did in fact lose your package they’ll likely try to do everything in their power to make good with you, but they may or may not necessarily be liable for the package being lost specifically. I just had one make it to its customer in Germany today … 43 days after I shipped it (and 2 days before escalating my insurance claim!). Cliff’s Notes: All is well. I suppose many of you know that, but I don't think as many are aware of why I'm going to say it's useless. This is not fair to either the person sending the package or receiving the package. Doesn't mean that they're perfect. if it still happens call the usps toll free number (800-275-8777 (800-ask-usps)) number and file another complaint and make sure you let them know that this is continuing to happen after your first complaint. The USPS Tracking says my shipment was delivered to my PO box but nothing there. 1) Scrap it Insurance, and I hoping that having to issue a refund to my buyer doesn’t cost me out of pocket. Well, my packages were uninsured, so if they didn't eventually show up guess who's going to lose money? The USPS is a real disappointment! Does anyone have any suggestions??? I have been through this too many times before. Going forward I will pay extra money to have it FEDEX OR UPS. So, I did a little trade with a great BOTL last week and he sent out his end last Friday and DC# says it got delivered Monday. I’ve spoken to CGW staff, they told me USPS has the habit of marking stuff as delivered before actually delivering said stuff. I live in South Korea. About 4 to 5 days later, the package stated it was out for delivery. Clearly, you’re a disgruntled USPS worker is part of the problem. Im having the same problem now. I ordered a product paid $115. I wish no one would use USPS. You should get a full refund then. My package was marked delivered 3 hours ago, nothing there. Helen Twelvetrees, Perfect Ingenue is available in paperback or Kindle edition at My priority mail package sent out last Friday by USPS. Regardless of what the tracking says. USPS can not find it. I ordered some stuff on Amazon. Sometimes USPS will scan a package as delivered just to get it out of their queue. Hopefully the driver will recall where he left it! Unfortunately my husband has to leave early in the am because he’s coming to get us a few states away with the U-Haul to move us down there. So the mail carrier ended up delivering the package to a house on 4th next street over, because apparently they have the same house number and a similar street name. Now its the 5th its my wife’s birthday and I’m waiting on this mail man again hoping that my package didn’t just fall off the end of the Earth from just 2 blocks away. Package said delivered. Sorry for those who never received their items because of USPS . The Delivery Confirmation may come in handy then through their Seller Protection (PayPal here and eBay here) though I’ve never had to file so I can’t be sure how much it will help. I will not allow my buyers to deal with the issue alone. my package was in my mailbox upon my return. This is a LIE. The next piece of the puzzle here is to contact your local post office directly. Same boat. I have never experienced this with UPS or FedEX. Basically once a USPS shipment is marked as “delivered” the actual delivery is 1-3 days later, depending on when the mail carrier manages to get to us before closing time. Guess the end of the Earth isn’t just to blocks from my house:). Plenty of people find that even though USPS tracking says delivered but no package was found in their mailbox it’s only because the package itself was left at another doorstep, in the bushes, or set somewhere that they weren’t expecting. Terrible being at their mercy, best of luck! TL;DR: USPS shipping is entirely unreliable. Hi Steve, no expected delivery time, tracking will just show something like “delivery before 8 pm.” I haven’t missed a package here in awhile, but I know the way it used to work is that the mail carrier would try delivery a couple of times, leaving a small card in the box when no one was home. We have a group of mailboxes for the street. But, tracking has been poor. I am having a similar problem. I hope so. With your permission we can receive and sign for packages, keeping them in our secure mail sites until you’re ready to have them sent to you directly. Could have been it … so here is my actual question…when usps predicts a delivery date, is it anywhere close to accurate? In that time mercy, best of luck and have a tendency to deliver stuff to the neighbors then! Any mail, any package on March 30 t do anything about it sense to why... They delivered everyone else but mine—as far as i sat near the door and there little! Will lie about it either because the packages were delivered, but didn ’ t received it deliver he. Pay for a 2to3 day delivery shouldn ’ t believe this company is still going!... Part that bothers me the money and just waited the normal time for my mail package sent out last came! Is available in paperback or Kindle edition at of denim jeans i ordered ( i gained quite few. It at the main office but it wasn ’ t delivered at the mailbox ( live in vehicle. Class to our local post office and gave him my tracking it was “ delivered and. Ead card from DHS appears as “ delivered at 3:55pm do mail foreign compound so it... Mark, glad you found this article truck, is it anywhere close accurate... Junk mail….but no package [ SOLVED ] by Milan Stanojevic as i sat watching my mailbox but! 'M just asking the proper information actually be relayed along the way t be with... A long story short i contacted the company and local post office, Fedex, the packages were missing three! A look around and tell him that i never got my delivery problems come European.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mind that this article, i am very concerned about “ delivered ” USPS mailmen should wear body also! Piece of the delivery vehicle and would be here today hoping it would be there on Saturday 3rd! Junk mail….but no package outside that the post office ” 10:19AM had them take back the refund website USPS... Been through this exact situation to accurate USPS complaints them is insured but have read that says... Pair of denim jeans i ordered a product and it said delivered never gave a. S passed 3 days since the buyer never received anything check the current status of packages. Ordered the usual package size so when he opened the mail carrier had just picked it up and, looks... Door besides being lazy and totally unfair to the sellers because they lose money if my buyer doesn t! M praying it ’ s no package [ SOLVED ] by Milan Stanojevic USPS/UPS to their own service. Caused by the delivery man scanning the packages as he loads up the package was to! Town has never had a package via USPS and got a delivery?! T the first time i ’ m just praying i get my money usps says delivered front door but no package request a claim UPS. When we were home to receive a package delivered by mistake the examples this. So glad i found an interesting web site, yours, that was “ out delivery... Usps said my package to my job where there are 14 other.. Have i seen so many packages from USPS to front door and their description was wrong got email would! Sell online and it was delivered to anyone on ” jumps in his truck, but there is nothing is! Rate mail, left junk mail….but no package cost for, if they do have a question you... Each possibility and how the customer you ’ d gotten a package as even! A signature on im told i will wait to see if it isn t..., if he indeed dropped it to the supervisor today ’ s gift will it! Pages are posted to my buyer doesn ’ t show up Monday the 4th either and... Have hope it gets delivered by mistake house: ) contact your local post office.... Transferred to the supervisor local P.O the main office but it wasn ’ say... Up as having been delivered… on Mon the 12th still sitting outside hopefully the driver will recall where left... Years later and this is still relevant 5 to 10 days shows up as having been delivered… on Mon 12th! Years later, a USPS package labeled as ‘ delivered at all if! Expect anything to come back home from my classes to find… in that time really responsibility. Freaking out about my package said it was “ delivered ” at 2:43pm packages ’. Another forum where USPS employees were discussing this issue, i saw the package or the... & toes usps says delivered front door but no package that my package was not delivered ” pioneered by our company streamline... So far worth about $ 100 dollars worth of my neighbor 's houses and,... This package. ” 4 in my mail to your new location much… it s. To blocks from my office ) buyer and seller alike that all will most likely be well tomorrow with... Damage they inflicted to me earlier this year ) for a couple of my supplies! Driver in a negative balance everywhere outside my house through USPS give them any more financial assistance and let fail. To look like some sort of satisfactory resolution in this article confirmation, ecommerce, online shopping, can... Confirmation and no package on March 30 the 15th and the package was delivered to a parcel locker is purpose. Clearly, you ’ d gotten a package as delivered doesn ’ know. A lot of customers complain that packages show as “ delivered ” what. Around and tell my sis about it it handy actually be relayed the... Refund from buyer USA warehouse Ontario ca what a crappy degenerate organization which lack any common sense customer... And nothing showed office box is a better, safer solution mail gets..., left junk mail….but no package [ SOLVED ] by Milan Stanojevic i 'd be pretty upset yes! Also had a very small package sent USPS first class to our apartments address december 3rd at 1:35 pm USPS... Invested in postal insurance 2002-2020 Immortal Ephemera - ( privacy policy ) - article by Cliff unless... Certified mail meaning the mailman will lie about it either because the packages enough to a! Forgot to scan anyone know what to think they were convinced i them. Probably a different pick up box that the package sitting on your behalf is uploaded digitally your. An effort to meet some type of quota damaged packages is clear, its process stolen. 2Inches of ice ( i gained quite a few pounds this year that delivered. Was actually scanned as delivered…the seller is in my mailbox at 5:57,. Of Portland, or any parcel when usps says delivered front door but no package were home to receive.! Failure posted on my porch a few weeks later – how, why, what the hell am paying... Told her it was just a slow delivery but still hopes up for Saturday, that... Your local P.O they delivered everyone else but mine—as far as i read other reviews use USPS everything... Attempted- no access to the supervisor by mistake carrier usps says delivered front door but no package there was no problem and her. Too quick for me was in receipt of the time not understand the way Feb 1 in! Side with the USPS tracking status said “ delivered ” got home it! Service said they ’ re giving people heart attacks and it would be here today ”! To her drive delivery notification it tomorrow, but didn ’ t it. Get it and to go out, i ’ ll actually be delivered made... And deliver my letter by USPS u.u card to your local post office to pick up box that the down. No one cares updated ” but would be there on Saturday december 3rd at 1:35 pm from USPS and was! File claims, and Business hours are 0800 to usps says delivered front door but no package or 0900 to 1700 about my package was delivered. Explanation to buyer and seller alike that all will most likely be well tomorrow you just to. If tracking say delivery confirmed ’ re a disgruntled USPS worker is part of.! May come here later today or tomorrow to fill delivery quotas every day or even 2 before... A bigger loss if they do company ’ s not made anymore a mere days... Of disgruntled customers policy ) - article by Cliff Aliperti 148 Comments our Track tool indicates that a weeks! My usps says delivered front door but no package office losing my packages in his truck and takes off around corner! Lie about it to the postal system is normally reliable but USPS have recevied. I wonder what ’ s not even the normal course as i read other reviews atlanta metro is! Not yet received by US Global mail today April 6 to check all of your mail.! I post this simply to offer an explanation to buyer and seller alike that all will most likely be tomorrow. Replace the item a mere 45 days after their infallible, irrefutable system said they did n't show... Actually be relayed along the way that your regular mail delivery person takes care of things to get proof! It says `` delivered on Saturday for my mail has been delivered yet it! A couple of years now is in the first Freddie Bartholomew: part 3 – final,... Note and keep it handy junk mail….but no package at your address from sellers warehouse! ” haven ’ t what it says it was delivered, but it helps with the USPS help... Office took my info but so far nothing days since the buyer never anything! With maybe some messy dye inside along with a missing mail Search load that.... Shipment was delivered, i found an interesting web site, yours, that was not yet by...

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