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A simple recalibration can often do the trick. I keep it set on 70 upstairs during this time of year, and this week the house is about 4 degrees higher, then drops back to the thermostat reading in the evening. Set the thermostat at least 5 degrees higher or lower than your normal setting, depending on the season. The thermostat is roughly 2-3 years old. The difference in temp is quite large too, the room temp is around 19-20C and the thermostat would be showing 25C. Wait 15 minutes and check the temperature reading on both devices. Cold air is coming through - Answered by a verified HVAC Technician We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Otherwise, it stays consistent with what my setting is at. You can set thermostats way higher or lower than the HVAC system can deliver. In some cases, a sensor can be recording the wrong temperature. Thermostat is showing lower temperature (54 degrees) than set temperature (72 degrees). Moreover, even if it's more than 100 degrees outdoors, and your air conditioning system is running continuously to cool down your home, you have every right to expect that the temperature you set on your thermostat is the temperature that the air conditioner will deliver. A variance of +/- 3˚F is generally acceptable, but anything outside that range means your previously accurate thermostat may require service. Yeah, my units are now 12 years old. A thermostat is actually a switch; a switch often connected to complex computer controls, but still a switch that’s “on” or “off.” When the indoor temperature registers as higher than the setting on the thermostat, the thermostat turns on the compressor to start cooling the space. Clearly, something is wrong. It allows the heating to be fully on until the set temperature is reached, at which point the thermostat will turn the heating off until the temperature drops again. Cleaning a Thermostat. The only way to keep the temperature in range is by setting the thermostats in “hold” that totally defeat having an schedule running. A thermostat can be recording the wrong temperature for a variety of reasons: Your thermostat’s sensor is malfunctioning. If it detects that the temperature is higher than your set point, it engages your HVAC system. I started to troubleshoot the thermostat’s by re-running the schedule, resetting to factory and updating the firmware, to my surprise nothing worked, the drops in temperature continue, always by 5-7 degrees. Your air conditioning thermostat has a direct impact on how much electricity you use. During a cold winter spell for example, you might set the temperature to 85 degrees. How Does the Thermostat Work? Reasons Why Your Thermostat is Reading the Wrong Temperature. Thermostat Temperature Set Too High or Too Low Problem. But your furnace can deliver only enough BTUs to … They were recharged by Justin to get me through the Summer. https://learn.compactappliance.com/thermostat-working-correctly The air conditioning thermostat detects the temperature in a specific area of your home, usually right where the control is. From time to time, a thermostat’s mechanical contacts will require cleaning to maintain accuracy. I have a digital Honeywell thermostat and lately been noticing that the temperature reading is consistently higher than what the actual room temperature is.

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